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Trail in Woods

McGuire's Trooper

McGuire's Sugar Bay X McGuire's Sydna
 DOB 3/20/2021

RMHA #2021487273



 Trooper is very friendly, easy to handle, and loves attention.   Pictures are from late spring.  He has filled out a lot since pictures were made and has more filling our to do.  He is solid black in color.  Trooper is short and will likely never be over 14.1 at maturity, but has plenty of effort and doesn't know he is shorter than his pasture mates.  Video is about 5 minutes and shows trail work, gait footage, obstacle work, come over cue, etc.  He has had months of riding since the video was made.  Any price quoted will increase with time and training.  No holds.  Thanks for looking.

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