At McGuire Farms, we are breeders of the horses we have to sell, so only a limited number are available each year. 


Currently, as of September 2020:

  • We have one 2 year old bay gelding available that is registered and certified as McGuires Rawhide Jack.

  • We have some 2019 yearling geldings available if you have interest in training and rearing your own.  All of those are chocolate in color. 

  • Currently, we have a newly weaned red chocolate colt available.  He is VERY friendly, stocky built, beautiful and not likely to be over 14.3 at maturity. See his listing. We also have foals ready for weaning; bay colt, black colt, chocolate creme colt and a red chocolate filly.

  • We have a few mares (mares are NOT for sale) expecting in 2021, if you'd like a future consideration of one of their foals.  We do not pre-sale our foals as our program is based on keeping certain characteristics to propagate and preserve the future bloodlines and traits on our farm.  


We think all of our stock is exemplary after years and many generations of solid breeding practices that work for our genetics.  To GOD be the glory!

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If you have questions, please include your phone number if you reside in the USA.

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