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 At McGuire Farms, we are breeders of the horses we have to sell, so only a limited number are available each year. 


Currently, as of December, 2022:​

2 year olds:( started under saddle and all have 120+ days of light riding at this point)

  • McGuire's Sugar Queen, DOB 4/23/2020 filly, red chocolate in color, RMHA #2020486828, 14.2 to 14.3 at maturity

  • McGuire's Sugar Max, DOB 5/19/2020, gelding, black in color, RMHA # 2020486829, 15.1 to 15.3 hands at maturity

Yearlings: (all are registered with the RMHA)

  • 2021 Black gelding, McGuire's Trooper, DOB 3/20/21

  • 2021 Red chocolate (silver bay) gelding, McGuire's True Grit, DOB 4/9/21

  • 2021 Red Chocolate (silver bay) filly, McGuire's Gorgeous, DOB 4/21/21

  • 2021 Chocolate gelding, McGuire's Seven, DOB 4/21/21

  • 2021 Bay filly, McGuire's Kentucky Sugarfoot, DOB 3/23/21

Weanlings: (several available that were weaned in August and September) 

Others may be added as it is difficult to decide who we can part with, but we can't keep them all.

We have several mares expecting in 2023, if you'd like a future consideration of one of their foals.  We do not pre-sale our foals as our program is based on keeping certain characteristics to propagate and preserve the future bloodlines and traits on our farm.  We may have mares available as well that are not on this site. 


We think all of our stock is exemplary after years and many generations of solid breeding practices that work for our genetics.  To GOD be the glory!

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