Red Devon is the oldest breed of cattle in the United States coming to America almost 400 years ago on the ship Charity, first serving the Pilgrims.  Known as a heritage breed they were originally used for work in the fields, milking and providing meat for the table.  They have a docile temperament, and are adaptable to many environmental conditions.  They are shorter in stature than most breeds, but broad in build. The smaller stature lends to their ability to be efficient foragers and not needing grain for sustainability.  This breed does not have the influences of grain in its genetics and doesn't have the predisposed need for grain.  Our cattle are raised strictly on a forage only diet of pasture and hay without the use of growth or other hormones, steroids, and without antibiotics.  Red Devons have an uncanny ability to finish and marble well on grass giving them excellent flavor quite unlike most grass fed beef.  

Weanling heifers without grain!