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McGuire Farms

Rocky Mountain Horses &
-Red Devon Cattle-

Location: Campbellsburg, Kentucky, USA

The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky proclaims the work of His hands.  Psalms 19:1

McGuire Farms was established in 1968 at its current location near Campbellsburg, Kentucky. It is a fully operational family farm producing Rocky Mountain Horses, Red Devon cattle and quality hay to sell.  The McGuire family consists of David and Phyllis McGuire with their son, Colt.



        McGuire Farms began its history with the Rocky Mountain Horse in 1990 with the purchase of four brood mares. Two of those four were once Sam Tuttle’s prize stock, China Blue and Neace’s Blue Lady. (Sam Tuttle is considered the founding father of the breed.)  China Blue was Tuttle’s favorite mare staying with him until he went to a nursing home, and she is buried on our farm.  Neace’s Blue Lady was the last living offspring of Tobe and lived 42 years.  She enjoyed her retirement here and was buried on the farm in 2012. We studied the genetics and ideals of the foundation horses and with God’s grace, put together a solid and sound breeding program. We began blood-typing for proof of parentage with our first foal crop in 1991, years before it was required.

        We strive to produce a horse that has the smoothest natural gait possible, a wonderful calm temperament, a willing disposition, and good conformation using the best bloodlines of our original foundation stock. We are proven breeders striving for continual improvement knowing full well the consistent quality of our stock that we produce and offer for sale.  We bred, raised and trained our top stallion, Kentucky Blue, as a direct product of our genetics.  Kentucky Blue was ridden as a three year old by Sharon Locke to achieve the honors of 1997 International Grand Champion Under Saddle and Sam Tuttle Award Winner.  At that time, only one horse could claim that title for the year.  He was retired as an undefeated champion at the age of 3.  

        McGuire Farms will always have Rocky Mountain Horses. For us, there is no other breed that can compare. We utilize various natural horsemanship methods and often mentally challenge our horses to become comfortable in normally uncomfortable situations. On trails, it is not unusual to encounter wild turkey or deer, but Rocky Mountain horses will usually just "jump in place" if anything due to their EASY NATURE. We currently have about 30 excellent Rocky Mountain Horses.  Some offered for sale that may not be on this website.  Call for a complete listing of offerings.

                                                                                           The Rocky Mountain Horse, 

with old-time bloodlines, temperament, conformation, and natural gait is 

IDEAL for Trail!



McGuire's Sugar Bay

Sugar Bay is a dark bay (single agouti) with no silver and no red gene. His sire is Lexus Blue and his dam is McGuire's Kentucky Sugar. He is a grandson of both Jackson Blue and Kentucky Blue.  Passes on solid gait, conformation and stamina; his foals are willing, confident and friendly.  Limited availability during spring season.

IMG_4416 2_edited.png
IMG_4422 2.JPG

Kentucky Blue

Kentucky Blue (dark chocolate)

1997 Int'l. RMHA Grand Champion Under Saddle, 1997 Sam Tuttle Memorial Award Winner, 1997 Show Horse of the Year. Kentucky Blue excelled in the show ring winning his championships at the age of 3.  He was used as a trail horse before, during and after his short show life retiring at the age of 3 at the top of his game, undefeated.  He was our primary stud and most of our mares are his daughters or granddaughters.   He was a consistent producer of gait, willing temperament and excellent conformation and had a beautiful smaller head.  Single silver, no red gene, no white markings.  Kentucky Blue was passionate and active up until his last hour of life.  A job well done!  DOD  May 19, 2020.

Lexus Blue

Lexus Blue

Lexus has an excellent gait that he passes on in his get, solid conformation, and a willingness to work.  Old bloodlines from generations of McGuire breeding.  Beautiful solid black with no red gene.  He has some fantastic offspring when bred to Kentucky Blue daughters.  He has been an important incorporation to our breeding program over the last decade.  Lexus was gelded in August of 2018 and sold as we replaced him with a bay Lexus son, McGuire's Sugar Bay.

Millionaire's Roe

Millionaire's Roe 
(Light Chocolate)

Roe is not only beautiful with or without his dapples, but has the gait you want and a super sweet disposition.  Nice bloodlines that cross well with our Kentucky Blue and Lexus Blue mares.  He is double silver with no red gene and no white markings.  Roe was gelded in 2019 and sold.




Colt McGuire aboard McGuire's KyBlue (3 yo gelding) in the Pegasus Parade 2016, Louisville, KY. Photo by Elizabeth Heilman.

Colt & Buster

Colt and McGuire's Buster Brown (3 yo gelding) at Big South Fork in Tennessee.

David & Cuatros

David on McGuire's Cuatros (mare) during a cattle drive on the Lewton Ranch in Wyoming.

Colt & Salem

Colt hugging his McGuire's Salem (mare) during a trail obstacle competition. Photo by David Swan

Predawn with Colt

Colt & David with yearlings predawn on McGuire Farms. Photo by Rod Thompson.

Colt & KB Pegasus pre Parade

Colt & McGuire's KyBlue (3 yo gelding) waiting for the start of the Pegasus Parade. Photo by Amanda Kohnen.

Colt & David BSF 2016

David and Colt riding young horses on the trails of Big South Fork in Tennessee 2016.

Colt on McGuire's Janet 2016

Colt on McGuire's Janet, 2 yr old filly, next to noisy haying equipment on a summer's day.

David & Cuatros in hail

David on McGuire's Cuatros in a hail storm in the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming. 2016

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